NEX APA Public Data

The NEX APA accepts multiple connectivity formats to receive quote and trade data, then transforms each message into a normalised object, ready for real-time validation, enrichment and determination prior to publication.

Bespoke enrichment can be elected at onboarding level.

Publication Eligibility

NEX will use multiple regulatory and reference data sources to filter out eligible quotes and trades for publication. These tools will also flag quotes and trades which are eligible for waiver and deferral according to Large in Scale, Size Specific to Financial Instrument and liquidity thresholds per instrument. These quotes and trades will then be held by the APA and are made visible and manageable in the client portal.

Pre-Trade Publication

NEX’s publication channels handle ~ 400 million quotes a day from its internal execution venues; NEX have extended this capability to handle pre-trade quoting from other Trade Venues and Systemic Internalisers. Quotes must be published in a timely manner, no later than the time they become available to trade.

Post-Trade Publication

Publication of trades from Investment Firms, Systemic Internalisers and Trading Venues are available both at real-time and on a 15-minute delayed basis.

For further information regarding the NEX APA, email, AFDL.Comms

Machine Readable Feed

NEX offer both a real-time commercial feed and a 15-minute delayed free feed. Access to the feed is delivered via web sockets in JSON format. To gain access to the feed please email with “NEX APA Feed” in the subject and state which feed you are interested in.

Terms of Use

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